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Display blavatars, not gravatars, next to posts

  1. I think it would make more sense for reblogged posts and posts listed elsewhere on WP to display the blog's favicon (blavatar). That's the way pingbacks work, so there should be consistency (i.e., blog posts = blavatars), and gravatars should be used only for profiles, comments and forum posts.

  2. Posts are made by bloggers, not by blogs. It makes sense to me the way it works now.

  3. That's a nonsensical argument. ALL blog content is made by bloggers, including favicons. Blogs themselves are inanimate objects. The point is that since pingbacks are links to posts, and they (correctly) display blavatars, then links to posts in other places should display blavatars as well.

  4. I think the complete opposite is true. Blogs may have many authors; it makes more sense to credit the author than the organization.

  5. What "makes more sense" is consistency, and "the way it works now" doesn't have that, so something should be done. Your "many authors" argument is weak too because most blogs have only one author, and even when there are many they still represent the same blog ("organization"). It makes sense to credit them within that blog, but not when the content is being presented to an outside audience who doesn't know the authors or even that there's more than one. Like pingbacks, reblogs are links to posts coming from a specific blog, not necessarily a specific author.

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