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    I have some readers who occasionally visit my site using mobile phones and they report some difficulty finding there way around. Without actually using a mobile phone, is there any way that I can display my blog using a mobile theme?

    The blog I need help with is brickiesgazette.wordpress.com.


    Go to appearance > extras and enable the mobile theme. When someone visits your site on a mobile, they will be presented with the mobile theme instead of the regular theme. For those with better mobile browsers, if they want to switch to the full theme there is a link at the bottom of the mobile theme where they can switch.


    Thanks TSP, but I would like to view the blog in Firefox using the same theme that mobile users would get. In that way I can perhaps develop a page or 2 especially for mobile users. At the moment I can’t do that since I don’t have a mobile phone :-)



    Maybe your visitors could take a screenshot and send it to you so you can see what they see.


    Safari gives you the ability to set the “user agent” to specific browser types (under the develop menu), such as the iPhone and iPod Touch, but Firefox does not have that ability as far as I can see.



    I use Firefox and to find out how my blog looks on a mobile phone, I installed an extension called “User Agent Switcher”. It’s not perfect but close enough :-)


    @airodyssey, thanks for posting that. I wondered if their might not be an add-on. There is a Firefox add-on for everything else. I have one installed that washes my dishes and does my laundry.



    If I recall correctly, Andreas displays beautifully on mobile devices.It’s one of those themes that starts with A. That much I remember.



    @raincoaster: It might be Andreas09 indeed. I suppose, flexible width themes look nice on those tiny mobile screens.


    Thanks for all your help, peeps. I’ll try that User Agent Switcher – it doesn’t have to be perfect.


    The add-on works fine for my purposes….

    Thanks for all your help and advice.



    @knashermac2009: You’re welcome from me.

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