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    I’m sure this is something easy and I’m just missing it…

    One of the blogs I read off wordpress has a comment box ready at the end of the main post and I really like that set up. I read and there it is, ready for me to respond at the end of the post.

    My blog only has a link at the top of my post “add a comment”. Is there any way for me to get the comment box?

    I’m using the Regulus theme.

    Related question, the other blog I read displays the most recent post in its entirety (followed by the comment box) and the older posts are shown in an abbreviated format, usually the first paragraph or two with a link to read the full post. Mine just lists each post in reverse chronological order in its entirety.

    The blog I need help with is clearcasting.wordpress.com.



    We need a link to your blog, starting with http, in order to give appropriate answers.



    Sorry, when it asked which blog this was for I thought it would be really cool and automatically link that.



    1. No, that’s only for detecting and auto-responding to wp.ORG visitors who often come here instead of their own forum. And it’s a new feature – needs improvement.

    2. There’s no difference between the blog you’re describibg and yours: all blogs display the comments section itself only when you’re viewing a single complete post. When you’re viewing the main posts page, all blogs display a link to the comments (otherwise your front page might get full of comments instead of posts).

    3. To truncate posts:


    Pay GREAT attention to the note on formatting issues.




    I thought there was a setting to automatically truncate each post; had no idea it was something I had to do to each one as I wrote it.

    Thank you very much!



    I too am looking for a method to truncate posts, but not manually. I remember having a blog on blogger once before, and there I had to edit the template .xml to truncate my posts and leave a Read More link, but once that was done, all new posts were truncate automatically.


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    Did you read the posts above your question?

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