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Display custom field post data in grid

  1. I have used custom fields for a post image and a couple download links on several posts. I want to display all these posts in a grid format on a page like the homepage. I have tried all sorts of things but none of them quite work... any direction? Thanks.

  2. Can we have a link to the WordPress.COM blog in question, starting with http:// The one linked to your username has no posts.

  3. This page ( will contain posts with images and titles like this page (

    The site is live but these pages are not being used yet until I can figure out how to pull out a table of the custom field images and their corresponding post titles.


  4. You are in the wrong forum and need to be over at WordPress.ORG, where independently-hosted blogs are supported.

    See this thread:

    We don't have custom fields here at the moment.

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