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Display google reader RSS subscription on pg on my blog

  1. I get several RSS feeds through Google reader, and I've been manually updating my blog pages with that content. Isn't there a way I can automatically display that content on one of my pages? I know I can add an RSS widget to the sidebar, but that's not what I want to do. I need to add the feed to an actual page on my site.

    Example: Right now, I manually update this page at my site,
    Using some of the content from one of my Google Reader subscriptions:

    I want to just have the feed displayed on a page at my site instead. Not in a sidebar widget, and not by linking others to my shared Google Reader pg. Any ideas? Thanks.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. WordPress.COM does not allow feeds to be displayed in the body of posts or pages. That is a typical tactic used by sploggers.

  3. What you could do is create a page and then put text links to the RSS feeds from your other sites. Not what you are looking for, but that is about your only option other than the RSS widget.

  4. Yeah, that's pretty much what I do now...for another section of my site, not on the the page I gave as the example. OK, well I understand the reasoning why. Thanks for the answer!

  5. You're welcome.

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