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    I find that this site anup.wordpress.com does not display properly in IE 6 with a “)” popping out from somewhere in the sidebar (in theme blix), just below the Feeds links. Is there any solution? thanks.



    I’m a mean guy. I make all of my images PNG’s just to get those darn IE6 people away! Well I’m only half kidding there.

    I’m no web expert but I will advise you to get firefox.



    I’m no web expert but I will advise you to get firefox.

    A friendly reminder that there are some of use who are forced due to licencing issues, school policies, company policies or governmental regulations to use the screwed up piece of crap IE or whatever broswer is on the desktop. I get to use an old version Netscape myself on a locked down terminal. Installing a different browser means being fired and we don’t want that.

    Instead, let’s try helping anup. :)

    I just loaded up the site in IE6 and I don’t see any issues with the site.



    That’s because he’s changed themes ;) On Blix in IE6 last night there was indeed a ( visible in the sidebar. The only parentheses in the source code seem to be javascript-related so I’d suggest the bugfixers start there.



    Which theme is this in?


    I just walked my eyeballs through about 40 screens of forum lists to find this thread.

    WP-Andreas09 looks groovy on Firefox. But my intended readers are almost all going to use IE on institutional Mac desktops or Windows environment (can you call it an environment?).

    Today, using IE 5 on a Mac running OS9.2 (welcome to NYC) all the pages that list at the top of the screen were spooled down the left side. No links visible in the blogroll, but if you clicked in the right place the links were there, waiting.

    So, just checking for other happier themes I clicked on Presentation. The IE brought up a deep screen with each theme’s title, but no image, and the browser seemed to be groaning in its effort to even disclose that much.

    Isn’t there some way to make WP-Andreas09 functional in an antiquated browser?

    No. Just as I thought.

    Still love it.



    I’m usually stuck with Netscape 7.0 or 7.2 myself so I know how you feel. :)

    Theme bugs go in to the staff via the Feedback. Matt and others have mentioned this in the past. I would include specifics though if you can come up with any. (I’ll be honest. Looks fine for me in Netscape 7.2.)

    I know IE has *cough* issues with CSS and what is kicks out when it sees certain things within the style sheets. We had a very long thread a couple of weeks ago on the float tag and how it could be seen in everything but IE. Lots of fun. Some designers create style sheets specificaly for IE now a days. (Another reason why I hate designing specifically in CSS.)

    All I can suggest is submitting a Feedback with specifics if you can.

    Good luck,



    Isn’t there some way to make WP-Andreas09 functional in an antiquated browser?

    sorry, I’d rather put it down to the theme than a browser.

    while it may look more or less acceptably on high resolution wide screens (16:9) of the modern laptops (which are mostly good to watch a DVD movies) you’ll get all the same result on other older monitors.

    generally, 3-column themes isn’t the best way to present an information on the computer monitors — it acts differently on user ability to percept an information.

    one more consideration: there are too many tabs (links to static pages) in a row. as you’re probably aware it’s been stated that an average human’s brains are capable to concentrate/memorize/deal with only “7±2” items. might want to restructure pages hierarchy using a ‘Parent Page’ feature.

    taking into account you’d ‘want to design a website with fixed content, rather than a constantly evolving blog’, perhaps I’d thought about some other online instrument which would allow you to concentrate on the contents making rather than its outfit, and let the so called “design” matter to be handled by some fellow of yours who makes it professionally.


    drmike thanks so much for your response and for suggesting I use the feedback slot: I’m always hesitant to go to the feedback, since there must be more serious matters to cope with in there.

    Very grateful to options for taking a minute to look at the site with that absurd crowd of pages. Thanks for your comment and suggestions, particularly about using the Parent Page feature. It seems to me the title of the “child” page is still visible in a subordinate position, beneath the title of the parent page, but I need to study it more closely. Certainly alot of those headings could be collapsed so as to reduce the overall number.

    Wonder what the all-time maximum number of pages in an Andreas09 site has been. Hope it’s not mine :0

    Also grateful you put me onto the “online instrument.”

    Folks on the WP forum have been wonderful. compliments to all.

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