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    hey all , so my problems are

    1 – my blog loks fine on firefox but not on explorer (there , the right column is shifted to bottom), i’m using theme ‘garland’ at 1280×1024, my sticky post image’s ( i’m trying to make it look like a header ) resolution is not the problem , i’ve tested that! what’s wrong ?

    2 – the title for sticky post is underlined n has a blue layer above it – which disappears when mose overd – can i make it look like a normal post title ?

    3 – Can the images i post, adjust their own size/resolution as per viewer’s screen resolution ? if yes – can u help me with the code ?

    ok ,that about sums it up – i guess :D
    oh yeah – my blog is apoo1.wordpress.com !

    The blog I need help with is apoo1.wordpress.com.



    anyone ????



    No one, because you did not leave a link to your blog, so no one is able to see your problem and suggest a solution.



    i dunno how to post a link – by html ??
    anyway – i did posted it’s address ,again that is —


    let me try html too now ,

    n in the first problem – the blog structure changes shape with the window size in explorer !!



    ok – so i didn’t added (http://) in the first post :)
    but now – can you help ??



    Sorry, you DID leave the link. I didn’t see it :-)

    I tested this in Opera 9.64, IE8, FF3.5 Chrome2 and Safari4 all look fine. What version of IE are you using?

    3) The images will not adjust, the sidebars are fixed and any ‘overflow’ in the center column is hidden, that’s how the theme works.

    2) Have you done something to the CSS? I don’t see how this could have happened?

    1) The most likely cause is that the images you are using are too wide.



    version 6 – of explorer ! I guess that figures – it’s a compatibility issue.

    @ 1 – i guess i could leave that for time being .
    @ 2 – no i don’t have any kind of upgrade – so i can’t edit css ! That blue background on the title line appears only if the post is “sticky” . can’t figure out how to remove that !
    @ 3 – ok

    tanks for your help :)


    IE in general is not one of the browsers that WP recommends. IE6 in particular is obsolete – even the official IE page advises abandoning it.



    hmmmm , ok , guess i’ll just have to settle with that explorer error then !
    But i still need help with problem number 2 – i can’t remove that annoying blue bar !
    thnx for replying .



    hmmmm , ok , guess i’ll just have to settle with that explorer error then !

    Or you could upgrade to IE8 (or IE7, try http://www.oldversion.com). And, of course, everyone running IE7 or 8 will see it as it should be. As already suggested, though, you should make getting rid of IE6 a priority if for no other reason than it’s a huge security loophole. And it sucks! Being content to settle for what you’ve got is a very poor option indeed.



    Actually, since you really do need to upgrade, it’s a good time to switch to Firefox



    Haha , thanx ronsrealm , but i AM a firefox user (3.5.1) ;)
    It’s just that most of the users in India still use IE6 ,
    so an error on ie6 means i loose a fairly large section of native viewers >.<‘

    and now – can anyone still help me with my second problem – the sticky post one ??


    First off the sticky post does not have a title. The blue background for the title is the way that this particular theme differentiates sticky posts from regular posts. To change that would require some knowledge of CSS and the paid CSS upgrade.



    finally – it means – that it’s theme’s default property n can’t be changed unless i buy css upgrade n edit it then !
    ok , that does it for all three problems , none can be achieved, lol !
    by the way – my sticky post HAD a title – but was covered by blue bg – n shows when mouse over !
    I wish wordpress had free html and layout edit like blogger , but well !!
    Thanks for replying !
    have a nice day !


    WordPress.COM has to pay for all their data centers, servers and bandwidth.

    Blogger is owned by Google and they have massive income from adsense and other misadventures and in addition they have probably hundreds of thousands of servers and hundreds if not thousands of datacenters around the world. Adding blogger to those servers would not even create a slight bump in their bandwidth or servers usage. That is why they don’t have to charge for anything.



    Wow !! Never thought of it that way !


    @apoo1, you might give this a try to see if it takes care of the IE6 issue.

    Go to settings > writing and select “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and click “save changes.”

    Next open each of your posts in turn in the editor, make one minor change such as adding a space and then deleting it, and then clicking “update post.” Do that with all of your posts and then take a look in IE6 and see if that fixed the problem. The reason I suggest this is that your blog’s main page is showing 46 errors in the W3C XHTML validator and this procedure might very well fix some of the issues that might be causing the problem.



    ok , i’m giving it a shot !
    thanks :)



    ok , so the result is still the same
    nothing changed >.<
    guess nothing can be done about it .

    anyway , thanks for trying !


    You’re welcome. You might try changing to a different theme and see if that works.

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