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"Display name publicly as" not working

  1. Hi,

    This setting has recently stopped working on my blog, instead showing my real name. No matter how I play with the settings under "Users" in the dashboard, I can't make it change back. Any ideas of how to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    Forgive me for replying to myself, but I wanted to try to bump the original post, in the hope that someone would have an answer to my question.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. What does it say under "nickname" on your profile page? What information does it say at Gravatar? Did you recently link your blog to your Google+ account? If so, that's why this is happening and I don't know any cure for it. Google NEVER gives back what privacy it takes away.

  4. phineasfahrquar

    Oh, that's interesting. I did link it to Google+ just before this started. No cure, eh? Gee, thanks Google!

    (And thanks for answering. :) )

  5. You're welcome. Sorry to tell you this. That is why I will NEVER use Publicize or link my blog to G+. I prefer to control my own identity rather than outsource that to Google.

    You could create a new account with whatever details you wanted, NOT synch it to G+, and then use the bulk Editor on the Posts page to change the Author of each post to that.

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