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    As far as I’m aware of there is no ability for us to display the number of views for each post anywhere. I’ve seen other blogging service that has it (can’t find the link). Wouldn’t it be something nice to have? I’d be happy if we can show a number for each post in the “Recent Posts” widget…



    All new feature requests must be submitted to staff and you can do that tomorrow during Support hours using this link http://wordpress.com/contact-support/



    It you click on Top Posts, you’ll get a list of all your top posts for the last week or so. On any of those, you can click on the little diagram and get the stats for each.

    I think Sitemeter also tracks these over time as part of their paid service, but I’m not 100% sure.


    thank you… i wasn’t very clear in my post, iwas talking about displaying the numbers to my readers…

    guess i’ll just contact the support then…


    Bragging widget – It occurs to me that you can use a text widget in your sidebar to advertise your blog stat numbers to your readers. :)



    The text widget will work and you can copy and paste the html out of your blog stats page. You’re going to have to edit the html code though as, if I recall, Rain tried this way back when and the css does this weird trick and blanks out the odd lines leaving the even ones. I forget the class though that needs to be removed and I no longer have a blog here so I can’t check for you.

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