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Display of Gallery

  1. For some reason I cannot fathom....The photo gallery is not displaying correctly..simply vertical..I have not altered any settings from the original gallery settings when it has displayed correctly ..any help would be appreciated...thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please provide the URL starting with http:// to whichever post or page the gallery is found on. If you mean this post then your images are too wide to be displayed side by side in that post.

  3. Thank you..but they are as in the previous post the same format as the Kingsday post which displayed correctly . Just had an OSX update with Safari. Could this be an issue? Thanks

  4. I am having a similar issue with my galleries. The gallery is set to be displayed as square tiles. But the photos are displaying in various sizes.

    Here are the links to the galleries of which I am having problems:

    Could you please let me know how to fix this? I would like the images to be displayed in same size square tiles within the gallery.


  5. @makeupbynadine
    Please post your own thread by using this link because your issue is not the same one.

  6. I am having the same problem as weekendgypsy. The page is You will see that the earlier media additions to this page are 3-across, but the ones added today just display vertically, one per line. From the post above, I thought the size might be the problem, but on the "edit" screen the sizes seem similar to previous photos. I just updated to Mavericks. Could that be the issue? Also, when I went to edit the page, I didn't get what I usually see, which is a blank page from which I click an Edit button to see the images. I just saw the images right away (on "visual"). Also, I thought previously I could reorder the images, or move them around, but I can no longer find those options. Has something changed with WordPress? Thank you very much.

  7. I'll tag this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  8. Thanks very much. I have subscribed to the thread.

  9. Thanks timethief for your help.....I don't think OSX Mavericks is the problem as I updated to Mavericks some time back...and the Gallery has display correctly before the last two posts...unless an update to Mavericks which updated the Safari browser is the issue.

  10. @weekendgypsy, Are you using the WordPress Gallery feature as described here?

    If yes, can you describe exactly what Gallery settings you used in each of these posts?

    Also, under Media Settings, what are the pixel dimensions mentioned for the thumbnail size?

  11. @jolyno12, there was an update as to how Gallery thumbnails appear in the Post/Page Editor's Visual tab so that you now see the thumbnails rather than a graphic placeholder for the Gallery.

    If you click on the Gallery in the Post/Page Editor, in the upper left corner of the Gallery you'll see a pencil icon. Click on that to get to the Media Manager in order to edit the Gallery.

  12. Thank you everyone...In edit mode and when I click on the pencil icon, I just get an image to edit not a gallery. When I repeat the procedure with a post I know is displaying correctly I do get a gallery to edit. Conclusion is that my last two post did not create a gallery even though I had selected 'create gallery' and inserted in post. I shall (later today) edit the two posts by deleting the images and creating a new gallery to see if that resolves the issue. Thanks again

  13. Thank you all...for some reason the Gallery on the last two posts were not created when published....I have redone the media and this time the Gallery was created....Thanks again

  14. You're very welcome!

    Before anything else when creating a Gallery, first click on the Add Media button, then click on the "Create Gallery" link that appears in the left sidebar of the Media Manager (that's the window that appears after you click on "Add Media"). That way you can be assured that you are in the Create Gallery window.

  15. Thanks very much. I wasn't adding a Gallery, but editing it, and now I see the problem. When I used to go to edit, the page showed up as blank, and I had to click the Edit button to edit. Now the page shows up so I can see the photos and it looks like the actual page. I have to click on the page (with no indication to do so) to see the Edit button. Once I do that, all works fine.
    Thank you.

  16. @makeupbynadine - I've just looked at a couple of the Galleries you linked to.

    When you use the square and circle tiled mosaics Gallery, it's best to upload in multiples in three. The large first image that you are seeing is a result of having an "odd image out" and it will take up the entire width of the Gallery. You can see this in my demo post here:

    Additionally, make sure that the images you are uploading are large enough to fill up the mosaic. Some of the images here aren't

  17. @jolyno12 - glad I could point you in the right direction. :)

  18. Hey justjennifer,

    Thank you for answering my question...the demopost was super helpful!

    makeupbynadine :)

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