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Display of tags - if tag cloud is limited

  1. I've been starting to happily tag my posts like crazy. From what I've been reading in the forum here, it sounds like the tag widget is limited to a certain number of displayable tags. I'd like to have a ton of them and would like a way to have a list of all of them. Will there be a way to display all tags? (for those of us who aren't customizing our CSS)



  2. The limit is really in the tag cloud widget itself with the limit of being what the widget provides. Currently there is not a way of editing the number of tags shown. The category cloud widget can be edited, but not the tag cloud now.


  3. Any word of a more advanced/customizable tag cloud widget in the future? The category cloud widget is perfect, and I would love to be able to customize the font sizes, etc. on one of my blogs.

  4. Please read the Moderator's post above your own.

  5. williampcoleman

    If the tag cloud can't be unlimited, then how about a simple tag list? The categories and the tags in a blog should function like the table of contents and the index in a book. It'd be pointless to have a book index that listed only the first 40 items. Tagging is the simple way for a user to browse. Searching isn't the same: you have to know what to search for, which is useless in a single blog.

  6. I suspect – and I'm speculating – that at some point, the tag cloud will have setting similar to those of the category cloud, but as with most things we won't know until it happens.

  7. I have told staff about that through a support request. That and the formatting of the tag cloud itself is not done the same way as the category cloud. Makes it look "out of place" on my blog until it is changed ;)


  8. Whenever I create a blog page, I want a "Table of Contents" module to open and allow me to drag and drop the new blog page link under any Text Heading or Sub-Heading of my choice, including a new Heading/Sub-Heading.

    Tags and Categories are fine for Chronological Journals, but they are completely useless for blogs with a theme. Political Activism, Instructional, Concept Generation, even the Forums all require a Table of Contents so that readers can easily search for content that interests them.

    A Table of Contents allows verbose descriptive text to describe each page in an organized manner.

    For example:

    This is a Table of Contents; it can no way be compared to a Tag Cloud or Category list. Though the "software" for creating a Table of Contents is very similar.

  9. Ideally, all of the Table of Content entries would be able to be:
    dragged and dropped,
    random text associated with link,
    contain a "last revised MM/DD/YY",
    optionally hidden,
    optionally put into more than one place,
    font style selectable,
    allow for placement of external links (supporting information, citing sources of inspiration, ...),

  10. @jamesdunn
    This is just my personal view, but I would not hold my breath for that one.

  11. How many tags can be displayed in the tag cloud?

  12. Hi tuffy,
    From the forum searchbox, the answer is 50 is the maximum that can be displayed by the Tag Cloud widget.

  13. Thanks, Timethief. Just to bolster your faith in human nature a tiny bit, I only posted that question after several searches failed to turn up the answer. Have a nice day!

  14. I hope you have a great day too. :-)

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