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Display Posts On an external site

  1. I'm wanting to display my posts on an external site and i think this can be
    done using some clever scripting. What I wanna do is display the last ten posts,
    and the widgets on my own website. ( Up until now I have been using frontpage and writing my blogwith code manually. The idea here is to not have to use frontpage to update my blog.

    Any ideas anyone?

  2. Your best bet would be to download a copy of WordPress yourself from and install it over at your site. You may want to check with your host to see if they have an autoinstaller that you can use or if they provide installation themselves.

  3. I had thought of doing this however, My host only supports Microsoft SQL and not MySQL
    therefore there gonna be issues! Unless I am mistaken and SQL databases can run off either?!?

  4. Afraid not. MsSQL and MySQL are two different beasts. Best bet would be either to find a new host or ask your host which blogging software they would recommend.

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