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Display posts shortcode- substitute for Archives shortcode?

  1. I noticed the 'display posts" shortcode for listing posts on a page, that match a certain criteria, has all sort of more useful possibilities.

    Instead of the limited archives shortcode for automatic listing of all blog posts (I have one in "Site Index"), how can one use the display posts shortcode with some extra info. by the post title, so that I leave the number of post titles, unlimited?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Anyone tried using more the advanced coding for "Display Posts Shortcode"?

  3. I'm not sure I understand your question. If you mean display a list of all the posts in alphabetical instead of chronological order, you'd write this:
    [display-posts posts_per_page="-1" order="ASC" orderby="title"]

  4. I actually would like to do more with the display posts shortcode, and list the date of the post after each post title.

    The drop down archives widget groups by category, etc. which I have already.

    Right now my site index uses the archives shortcode and merely gives a long list of articles. I'm trying to find more easier ways to help a user make faster selection instead of reading a mere listing of blog post titles.

  5. To display links to all the posts, including their date, you would use the above and add the include date property:
    [display-posts posts_per_page="-1" include_date="true" order="ASC" orderby="title"]

    What else what you like to do?

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