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    I would like my posts to display like this:


    Instead, they display like this:


    Boring and uninspiring. Any tips please?
    I am using Penscratch2.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is enlightenmentmyth.com.




    To change the way your blog displays go to My Sites> Customize→ Content Options in your dashboard to get started. The first option that appears is “Blog Display”, you want to select “Full Post”. Once you do this, be sure to save your changes.

    For a video which will walk you through these steps see: https://en.support.wordpress.com/customizer/content-options/


    Thank you for your reply.

    I do not want to display full posts. I would like to display a few excerpts with the attached photo on one page.

    Perhaps, Penscratch2 doesn’t support that?



    IF Penscratch2 doesn’t have the excerpt feature, you can use the <read more> tag when adding a new post.

    You can find this at the top left of your new post page while in Visual mode (it’s the last icon, next to the √ABC icon), or with the <more> tag if you’re in HTML mode.

    You’ll have to do this for each new post.


    It does have the excerpt feature, but without photos and as a wall of text. I would like the posts to be diplayed like this:


    I wonder if there are other themes which can do that.



    You might be able to achieve this by setting your images to align left. Doing that would wrap the text around the image.



    Hi there @enlightenmentmyth, on your site it looks like the auto-excerpt feature from Content Options. With the Content Options excerpt, I could not get any image, shortcode or embed to display even if it fell within the first few lines of the post. https://en.support.wordpress.com/customizer/content-options/

    If you are also able to create a handcrafted excerpt in the Post Editor, you should be able to do what @ifmomsaysok suggested.

    You’ll need to enter the excerpt as HTML so if you are not comfortable writing HTML directly, you can create the excerpt in the Visual Post Editor tab in a post or page and then switch to the HTML/Text Editor tab and cut and paste the code into the Excerpt box.

    Let us know if you need any more help with that.


    Thank you for the replies. I have changed the theme.

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