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Display problems

  1. When viewing my blog from my laptop, it's fine.
    When viewing from my mobile there are two issues.
    Firstly the main site "breaks up" and secondly the sidebar which contains my widgets is at the bottom of the page instead of the side.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My theme is Fanwood Light.

  3. The theme has a responsive layout: it shrinks to adapt to different screen resolutions and devices, and when things become too narrow, some things change (including sidebar turning to footer).

  4. Thanks for the info.
    Do you know of a theme where the sidebar can remain at the side.?
    Also, do you have any thoughts on the display breaking up..?

  5. Hello! This is a feature of the theme you're using.

    "Responsive" designs are ones that adjust the look of a site based on the size of the window used to view it. The idea is that people who use smaller gadgets (such as phones or tablets) to view your site have limited space to do so, so the display is adjusted to highlight the more important parts of your site.

    For example, in your blog, when the display gets too narrow, the "post/page" area stretches to fill up the whole screen so your visitor can read your post more comfortably instead of having to
    cut off
    each line
    after a few
    words like

    That's why the sidebar widgets are pushed to the bottom. To give space for the content of your post.

    This is actually a good practice for a site's design. Is there a particular reason why you don't like this behavior for your blog?

  6. I've set up some links to related sites and I've put the first one in a text widget in the sidebar.
    It's fine on the full site but on the mobile site you have to scroll to the very bottom on the page to get to the link.
    Is there anywhere else I could put the link so that it stays at the top of the page?

  7. Make a static post.

  8. That's a short answer to a long question!
    Can you give me any more information?

  9. Make a page that contains the links to related sites. (eg Related Links)

    Then put the Related Links page in your main menu beside Home and About.

    Since the Home and About links don't change positions when the site is narrowed down, the Related Links page you added beside them will also stay on top.

  10. Sorry, I meant "sticky post" not static…

    On my responsive theme for work, people were complaining that they didn't see the business hours and map because it was in a sidebar. If they were viewing on a phone, the sidebar goes to the bottom. So I just stuck the info in a sticky post so it's always on top when they look at our site.

  11. That's brilliant..!
    Thanks Tess, I'll try that.

  12. Yes, I think folks on mobiles are impatient and don't look around: the same information is a menu item on our site, and it's also part of the header. But now customers cannot miss it because it's right on top and visible without clicking around.

  13. I've seen the term sticky post when I've looked around the site previously but guess what? When I try to actually use it I can't find it!
    Could you point me in the right direction please?

  14. That's great, thanks..

  15. You're welcome.

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