Display Scheduled Posts on a calendar in Dashboard

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    I often write several posts at a time and then schedule them to be published individually in the future with the great ‘Schedule’ tool. This is also a great way to write something specific for particular days (e.g. I have posts waiting for St Swithin’s Day, and July 4th, and so on). The more you build these up in number the more difficult it becomes to easily plan when you want to schedule new posts, or even whether to publish immediately.

    I wondered if any of the clever people at WordPress have ever thought of creating a simple calendar that could display both historical and future scheduled posts? This could sit above the list of posts you see when signed in your Dashboard. Something like the calendar widget you can add to the sidebar for your readers but with the addition of scheduled posts would be great.

    Anyone else think this would be useful?

    The blog I need help with is gabrielhemery.com.


    Absolutely! I’ve just been searching for that and found your post instead. I want to know where the spaces are in my scheduled posts during an upcoming trip. I don’t want to double up posts either.

    Please WordPress consider this!

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