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Display specific taxonomies

  1. I have a list of different taxonomies within a list, which can be done by the following code:
    <br /> <?php wp_list_categories(array('title_li' => '', 'taxonomy' => 'project_tags', 'walker' => new Project_Walker())); ?><br />

    I need to remove some specific (or show some of them specifically) taxonomies, not all of them as the previous code does. Something like this:

    <br /> <?php wp_list_categories(array('title_li' => '', 'taxonomy' => 'project_tags', 'project_tags' => array('audiovisual','web'), 'walker' => new Project_Walker())); ?><br />

    In the example, obviously, the taxonomies that I hope to show up, was 'audiovisual' and 'web'.
    There's no problem if anyone came up with a different solution, for example, excluding all taxonomies, except for the 'audiovisual' and 'web'.

    Thank you!

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