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Display technorati rank in your sidebar

  1. Q: How do you display your Technorati rank in the sidebar and have it automatically update?

    A: This is how I do it. I've created a widget that builds an RSS feed with your Technorati rank.

  2. you are super great!

  3. I'm going to get that on my blog ASAP. Thanks!

  4. I might do more of these now that I know how to do it. Any sidebar widgets that we are painfully missing at that could be done as an RSS feed?

  5. ~Engtech: I actually figured out how to add --to my blogspot blog; I way won't be adding it to my WP blog (--why "advertise" $.15 --$.05? lol)

    It isn't "missing" but: I'm just at the beginning of looking at the new map feature (widget?), learning how to use it. Since you're a techie, can you tell me if something I want to do is possible.

    I want to list each address in a block --make a map of the street, showing each address. Is it possible? If so: tips --tricks --best way? (Please: speak slowly [lol] NON-techie here. --You saw my avatar, right?) How's the kitten?

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