display tumblr’s IMAGES in rss widget…or how?

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    hi.. I am wondering why I can’t see the photos posted in tumblr in the rss widget,
    when you tick the ‘display content’ part. or is that not the right widget to use ?
    It seem to only show the post titles.
    (do i have to get back to this post or do i see somewhere in my dashboard when someone answers to this??)

    The blog I need help with is box2010.wordpress.com.



    The RSS widget does not display images. Only the Flickr widget displays images in the way you’re looking for as far as I know.



    I don’t believe the RSS Widget is set up to display photos if you have a Flickr account you can host the images their and have the images display on your side bar via the Filckr widget.

    Support Doc, → RSS Widget

    Support Doc → Search Results for: flickr



    thanks for your answers, I know about the flickr widget (i am using it actually for my own photos) but I want to integrate a small view of images (which would be not my own) that i collect elsewhere on the net (and on tumblr)..
    i know there is things that are not allowed to integrate on wordpress.com and believe there are plugins on wp.org, but well, I was just hoping there is some way around it…
    (I don’t know code, only modify it for blog themes or the like)

    any other ideas ?

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