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Displaying a logo alongside title and text at top of page

  1. Hi there

    I'm trying to position the 'Breathe' logo on this page: a little higher up, in line with 'Therapy' and 'Breathe Magic - Integrating Magic into Rehabilitation' and sitting directly underneath the Arts Council logo. I think the reason this may be difficult is that 'Therapy' as the title probably has padding going across to the other side preventing anything from being put there. Is there anyway around this with the use of css code/code in the text editor? It's important I don't affect the layout of other pages, but this page will be a static page.

    Thanks for your help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi - When I look at the page with Firebug it looks like that graphic is aligned to the right and top of the "entry-content" as it is, you won't be able to move it up.
    See this screen shot to see what I mean:

    The blue highlighted line shows "entry-content" area! Sorry I am not more help but I am no way an expert, hopefully one will shout out!

  3. Hi lymetrail

    Thanks for your reply. Thanks too for showing me the screen shot, I've not used firebug before but it looks like a useful tool. I suspected that it probably was not possible. After a bit of tinkering I think that the logo looks good enough.

    Thanks again.

  4. You can reposition the logo in various ways. One way would be to apply a negative top margin to it (and this is possible even without the upgrade). But I don't think it would look better where you want it.

    As for the horizontal alignment, there's a more general issue: your content has flexible width but the header doesn't. Drag the browser window to make it narrower and see what happens.

    By the way:
    a) There's no point making a logo link to the full-size original.
    b) You get better quality on the page if you use an image editing application to downsize images to the desired pixel dimensions instead of relying on WP for the downsizing.

  5. Hi justpi,

    thanks for letting me know that it is possible to redisplay the logo. It's useful too that you think it looks okay where it is - always good to get a second opinion. I think I'll leave it where it is for now and if the client wants something different I'll have a go at applying a negative margin to it.

    Thanks too for your tips re use of images, I think these ones look okay, but will bear in mind for future.

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