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    Is there a way (a widget, perhaps) with which all the posts by an author can be viewed as a clickable listing?

    My blog is a repository for stories that will contain multiple authors (there are three at the moment), and authors will post chapters as their story moves along. Readers will need an easy way to either start at chapter 1 if they are new, or be able to find (for example) chapter 27, if that is where they left off, as they read toward chapter 38, the most recently written and posted. At the moment its not a serious problem, but it will become so, because I currently have 48 chapters written (working on 49), and the other authors both have more than 1 or 2 chapters.

    What I would like is a way that after a reader gets to the site (darkeroticfiction), they can select an author, or a story (category), click on it to open a drop down menu (or something like that), and see all the available chapters (postings) in that story, or by that author, shown as clickable links. They click on the chapter they want, and get taken to that one.

    My theme is Chateau. I have the “Category” and “Authors” widgets in place, but they only take you to the most recent posting. Again, once I’m up to having thirty or forty chapters up, clicking through them to get back to chapter two will deter many readers from doing so, even its more than worth it. Although I love Chateau as the Appearance, if another one will give me the feature I need, I would rather switch now rather than later.

    If another widget will do what I need, that would be ideal. Who writes widgets? Is there somebody I can take this to and ask if they will consider writing it?



    Hi. The Author Widget will display indeed all posts by the author in question.

    However, it will only display as many posts per page as you have specified under Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most __ posts.

    See for yourself:

    Does that answer your question? :-)



    Sorry, my first line should have said “Clicking on an author’s name in the Author Widget…”



    Yeah, it does, but not in a good way.

    I want each post to be its own page because I don’t want a dozen or so posts, stacked one on top of another, requiring a long scroll to get from one end to the other. I just today changed the setting you’re referring to from 100 to 1 to achieve that. But in so doing, I lost exactly what I’m looking for, according to what you said.

    Further, if (when?) I get more authors posting, they will all be jumbled together on the one “post”, so if someone new coming in to read doesn’t know who they’re looking for, they will have to scroll and read through the whole thing. Cumbersome.

    Thanks for the answer, but I have to think about this, unless there’s another way to do what I need.



    I don’t want a dozen or so posts, stacked one on top of another, requiring a long scroll to get from one end to the other.

    You could use the “More” tag so that only a portion of the post appears (requiring the visitor to view it individually or to click on “Read more”).



    That’s a thought. Its not a perfect answer, but I had not thought of it.

    In it’s previous incarnation, “Dark Erotic Fiction”, some of the authors, like me, wrote long chapters. Mine typically run around 20 pages in Word. Your suggestion would be effective for me. Other authors wrote posts than may have been only half a dozen or so paragraphs…. maybe two or three pages. The idea would still work, but sending a reader to read “more” and giving them only another two pages sounds less satisfying.

    But yeah, your idea would work, thanks.



    Update. The problem is solved. One of the other authors came up with the solution.

    He created a Directory. The Directory is shown as a page at the top of the Home page, along with About and our Writer’s Guide. Going to the Directory gives the reader a sequentially numbered listing of each of the chapters currently posted, by author, (eventually by story also, as an author increases his offerings). Embedded short links, “under” the chapter name, enable a reader to go directly to the chapter desired.

    Perfect solution. Feel free to use this idea if you have a similar need. Better yet, go to the site and check it out. Read a few chapters while you’re there. Unless you’re not into the subject matter… see the About.

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