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    How can I make my profile accessible from my blog? Is there any way to display my profile?

    The blog I need help with is heartonthejourney.wordpress.com.



    You have created a huge block of Author Profile text that appears at the end of each of your posts. Example here > http://heartonthejourney.wordpress.com/2012/07/28/20/ Surely, you don’t want to display that yet again elswehere on your blog.



    Who knew?

    Thank you, timethief, for a quick and thorough response.

    Of course, by answering one question you’ve provoked two. I never noticed the profile because (until now) I’ve never actually clicked on any of the posts — this is because the entirety of all the posts is visible on the home page. Do I have any control over that? For example, if only the first few lines of a post were visible it would prompt readers to click on the post (and see the profile). It would also enable folks to see more posts at a time.

    The other question is the OPPOSITE of my first question. How can I keep the profile page from showing up too much? Ideally, folks could access the profile by clicking a link on the home page (they can see the ‘About’ page this way). Any suggestions?

    By the way, was your nom de plume suggested to you by Ogden Nash’s lyric to Kurt Weill’s “Speak Low”? Nah, can’t be, you’re much too young to know that song!!

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