Displaying avatars and feeds – help please!

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    I have a few questions which I’d be very grateful for any help on:

    1) I have clicked on “Show Avatar” in my Discussions Settings but comments from my friends still don’t seem to display their avatars…why is this? Do old comments posted before I “enabled” avatars remain blank? But in that case, I have had someone post a comment AFTER I enabled the Avatar setting and they still don’t show up!
    (here is the comment: http://bighoneydog.com/2008/10/31/halloween/)

    2) I have listed some of my friends’ blogs as RSS feeds in my sidebar – and they show up as a title + headline of their most recent blog. But their avatar doesn’t show up next to each feed. I noticed on their blogs (which are blogger.com) – each feed has a small photo (avatar) next to it…can I not do the same on mine here at WordPress?

    3) I have uploaded a photo for my own avatar but today, when I posted a comment on a friend’s blog, my avatar didn’t show up either. I know she has avatars enabled because all the other people who posted comments had their avatars showing. Admittedly, they were all people with blogger.com blogs – I was the only one with WordPress – but should that matter?

    I’d appreciate any help anyone can give – thank you very much!



    Strange – I just realised my avatar showed up with this forum post…that’s the 1st time I’ve seen it! But does it only work in WordPress then and not on other non-Wordpress blogs??



    2) – No you can’t
    3) – Yes, it matters. The avatar system here is not the same as that over at blogger. What you can try is getting a gravatar http://en.gravatar.com/ I don’t know if blogger is gravatar-enabled, so it may not work

    Yes, your wordpress.COM avatar only works here.



    One more thing – it takes time for avatars to show up since they have to work their way through the system.



    Thank you, vivianpaige

    But what about my friends’ avatars? Why do none of my comments display the authors’ avatars, even though I now have avatars enabled? Is it because they are Blogger.com members?…so are you saying that if a WordPress member posted a comment on my site, I would be able to see their avatar but not any other blog member?

    Thank you



    Yes, that is what we’re saying. My blogger friends post on my wordpress site all the time, and they do not have avatars. When my wordpress friends post, they do.



    I do believe that if your blogger, friends set up a gravatar account
    & used the email that is associated with the avatar when leaving comments
    on your blog then there avatar should display because wordpress.com is
    Gravatar enabled.

    Also by linking your name to your blog it will serve the purposes…
    If you need to ask a support question in the forum then it will make it easier for the volunteers to see what blogging platform your using & will aide them in giving you a more accurate answer to your question.



    Every registered WordPress.COM user has a Gravatar. If you are logged into WordPress.COM and go here
    http://en.gravatar.com/ you will see “Howdy, usernamehere!” and you can manage your Gravatars there.

    Any site that enables Gravatars will show your WordPress.COM avatar. Mine is showing up on the WordCamp Israel attendees site. :D



    Just wanted to say thank you everyone for your help!

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