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    I understand how I can display all posts in the category “dinner,” and how I can display all posts with the tag “squash.” But is there a way to display only the “dinner” posts that are tagged “squash?” Or what about posts tagged “squash” that are also tagged “dairy-free?”

    Or more generally: can categories and tags be used in combinations to organize my content?

    Thanks for any help!

    The blog I need help with is notesfornextyear.wordpress.com.



    You can create both Categories and sub-categories. That hierarchical stricture cannot be used for Tags.


    Thanks, timethief. So here’s a follow-up question:

    If I use sub-categories for ingredients, won’t I need multiple sub-categories for each of them? For instance, “squash” would need to be a subcategory under “breakfast,” another subcategory under “lunch” and another under “dinner.” And there wouldn’t be a place that I could use those subcategories to aggregate squash recipes across the main categories. Am I understanding this correctly?

    What would be best way to use categories and tags so that I can display both a list of breakfast recipes with squash and a list of squash recipes in all categories?



    You cannot use the same word such as “squash” as both a Category and a Tag without creating an editing nightmare in the future.

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