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    Displaying comments !! I have been going around for week looking at how I can have comments display in my blog – do I have to upgrade to do this – tried forum nothing, tried support nothing.. Can I email someone… If I have to upgrade from free package, so be it – but can I get an answer please .

    The blog I need help with is uxfactor.wordpress.com.


    Hello abireynolds,

    Did you mean approving comments?

    Go to

    Hover your mouse over the comment you’ll moderate and click “Approve”.



    You have no other posts in the forum, so what did you try here? https://en.forums.wordpress.com/profile/abireynolds



    THanks for responses. I did (I think) post this question in forum before but received no response.

    My issue – I want to DISPLAY comments under blog – so users do not have to click on them to see them.
    I saw a post that says, – to do this simply go to discussion in my settings – http://en.support.wordpress.com/comment-display-options/
    PROB is – I dont have discussion option in my settings.

    Other posts say i simply need to copy some html code(which I have) and insert into index file – problem is I cant locate my index file – may be that I a just cant find it but is this an issue because i have the .com version and free version?

    Am starting a new blog where displaying comments is really important and have been going around on this for 2 weeks,..




    And sorry, just a quick follow up = did follow up the instructions in –

    I did locate discussion/comments and I did see >enable nested comments BUT this doesnt go far enough – I want to be able to see the comment content without clicking on it.

    To do this, I believe I have to put some html in the loop in the index file but, silly question, how do I locate this file???




    There is no way to have comments display on the main page of the blog at WordPress.com. There is no code that can force it, either. It’s possible in WordPress.ORG but it isn’t advisable. For one thing, it says you’re very unambitious when it comes to getting comments. I have a post with over two thousand comments; nobody is going to scroll past that.



    Okay thanks – this is what I was trying to find out – Okay another question if you dont mind! Part of what I have in mind for new blog/site is that users can update their opinion on something that I (and two others have commented on) – I would like to see this opinion in the blog (that is why I want comments to display) however, do you think I would be better off forgetting wordpress and looking at some forum tools?

    Thanks again, A

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