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Displaying Full Feed

  1. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to display the full text of a post in an RSS feed?

    I tried the option under "reading" and "syndication feeds" to display full text for each article, but it doesn't do anything. Is this simply impossible in wordpress?

  2. Are you hosted on or do you have your own host somewhere else? If you are not hosted here at, maybe try your question over in the self-hosted forums at:


  3. Yes, I recently uploaded my blogger blog onto, so everything should be hosted here now.

  4. From the URL in your profile, it didn't seem that way, so my appologies. If you go to your Admin Area => Options = > Reading, you will find that you can choose syndication Feeds for full text. That will make your URL have the entire entry unless you break your entry up using the "more" option.


  5. As well, you can check the FAQ for articles on feeds and syndication as well:


  6. Unfortunately, that's exactly what I've already tried. It let's me edit the number of posts but for some reason won't let me display full text...

  7. When I look at your feed in safari, it shows the entire post in the feed:

    When I look in google reader, it shows me the entire post entries as well. In Firefox 2, it doesn't. Maybe it is just Firefox?


  8. That is really weird, I get the same result... anyway, I've decided to just keep my blogger account and load via a proxy. Thanks for all your help!

  9. [Incorrect Information Removed - drmike]

  10. Actually they're posting information about regular wordpress, not We don't have that URL options here at

    Someone didn't read the Please Read Me First Before Posting Else I'll Owe All of the Volunteers Here a Free Round of Starbucks Coffee sticky. ;)

  11. christophdollis

    drmike, I have the excact same problem.

    Firefox, just doesn't work. But it's local to Firefox. In Internet explorer, it works great.

    Which is so ackbasswards.

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