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Displaying Google+ (Author) image with my Blog on search results

  1. Hi,

    Is there any possible way to have my image from Google + show up when my website is searched on Google. So far, I can only find advice that is geared for sites designed on the WordPress software.

    Moreover, I have already indexed my website on bing and Google, and it shows that its working fine according to

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well, you could make your avatar here the same as your G+ avatar.

  3. Same concern here! How to get our blog getting indexed with author information?

  4. Duplicate the information, as indicated above.

  5. In your profile, make sure to add your Google+ profile to your verified services.

    On Google+ make sure to add your site to your profile under "Contributor to".

  6. Thanks you all, and especially, Jennifer. Even after doing what you said it still shows an error according to this check

    I am starting to think a Verified domain email is the only way, and no offence to Gravatar, but Google does not seem to care. Does allow emails to be set up through our blogs? Thanks for all the help.

  7. @nkygyatso
    I followed the steps as mentioned by Jennifer and it worked well for me. even though its not evident in search results yet as it will take some time to get it working...

  8. nkygyatso-While I'm not entirely sure what that test snippet page has to do with personal search results, linking your Google+ profile to your site under "Contributor to" should get at least your Google+ posts about your site, if not your site posts directly, into search results when someone in your G+ circles are logged into Google and using search and have enabled "personal results" in the search options. Remember, all of this happens on Google's end.

    As far as domain email, as you have a custom domain, you an set up with an email provider following the instructions in this Support doc

  9. As I understand it, "rich snippets" is some SEO-goosing thing that encourages people to use G+ in hopes of all the sweet, sweet Googlejuice they'll harvest.

  10. Great thanks for the link, and I am leaning towards setting up an email for my domain. I think may need 1down the line anyway. Cheers you all.

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