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    Hi all.

    I’m using my own custom design template, and wish to embed some images into the design. Some of these images are static, and are simply stored in the template’s /image directory. Some of these images however are dynamic and I will wish to change them every now and then. For simplicity, I would like to upload these dynamic images into my Media Library and then simply display them with the relevant function calls in my template code.

    However, I cannot find how to do this. I’ve uploaded the images to the Media Library, but cannot find any php calls to fetch images from it. Do any such calls exist? If not, what is the procedure for fetching images from the library? Are there are any plug-ins available to do the job for me?

    Many thanks.



    This is not the question of wordpress.com. You should ask this at wordpress.org/support

    Second thing, you can not do this with PHP. You can do this with ASP.Net…
    You can use this Plugin if you wish:

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