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Displaying post author (byline) for Pilcrow

  1. Posts aren't showing the authors above the posts, and I can't find the place to make them work.

    My previous blog, , would show up like this: "by Tom Warhover | December 19, 2012 ยท 4:03 pm | Edit "

    Both are in the Pilcrow theme.

    Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Twenty Twelve (and many other themes on do not display the author name on blogs with only one author. The point of displaying an author name is to differentiate the posts on an multi-author site.

    There is a workaround that single author bloggers can use to compel the display.

    1. While logged out of create another username account with a different email address. next add the new username as an Author. Log-out and clear your browser cache and cookies.

    2. Now log-in as the new author ie. username account and publish one post on the blog but and backdate it to the date you started the blog. (example here

    I know you are not scheduling a post but to backdate the datestamp see the images here and you will know what to click to edit the date. >
    Log-out and clear your browser cache and cookies.

    3. Lastly, log in under the original username account and you will have an Author byline the next time you publish a post.

  3. Thanks! I'll give it a try. I definitely will have multiple authors, but it hadn't occurred to me that Pilcrow differentiates between single and multiple posters. I'll get back w/results when

  4. I definitely will have multiple authors

    If you are going to have multiple authors then why bother with the workaround? I wouldn't

    link to a related post that may be helpful >

  5. yes, definitely. Sorry; I hit submit before finishing my last note, to wit: I've added a user and waiting on her to make a trial post. If, as you suggest, multiple users will automatically add bylines, then it should show then.

    Thanks again.

  6. Hi again,
    You're welcome and best wishes with your blog.

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