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Displaying RSS Body versus Headline

  1. Is it possible with the standard RSS widget to get it to show the body of the feed rather than the headline?
    I want to have a bible verse feed in my sidebar, and it works, but it only shows the headline (in this case the passage citation) whereas this feed would be perfect to actually show the body (the passage itself) as well as or instead of the headline.

    Any thoughts?

  2. The way the widget is setup, I don't think it can work that way. Sorry!


  3. For what it's worth, here's one more user who would love this capability. I just found a "quote of the day" feed (actually, a set of them) that I wanted to put in my side bar. All I get is the headline.

    I know the quick-and-easy solution would be to get wordpress going on my own site, but that's a heck of a lot of hassle to get a daily quote shown.

    Just wanted to add another vote for this, see if there's some kind of workaround that could be figured out.

  4. @charityfest:

    It is possible with Yahoo Pipes. I just made you one.

  5. So what you would do is put your quotes feed into the Yahoo Pipe, and then get the RSS address from Yahoo Pipes and put that in your RSS widget.

    Complicated, but it works! I've been loving how Yahoo Pipes lets me build all kinds of widgets for

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