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Displaying tags

  1. OK, so how do we get our newly minted tags to display? Is there a way to do it with the CSS?

    Edit: i mean display in the post meta, not in the tag cloud widget (thought a little clarification might be needed)

  2. They are displaying on both my blogs, just under the post title. They look pretty small, if you ask me, but I enjoy not going through the technorati bookmarklet that I used before.
    Maybe with a different theme, they display differently.
    And I am sure the css wizards will help us find a way of getting them looking bigger, and maybe like links?
    (edited as an afterthought) they have to be typed, separated by a comma underneath the post content in the line reserved for tags.

  3. hmmm. They are part of your post meta automatically. Which theme are you using on your "Blogging in Paris" blog? I see you have K2 on "Vieux, c'est mieux".

  4. The CSS selector is .meta so:

    .meta {font-size: 1.3em}

    for example

  5. judyb12, I am using Rubric 1.0-wpcom by Hadley Wickham
    atthe404, thanks, I'll have a go at the css

  6. CSS gurus:

    do i have to wait for backend updating on sandbox for my tags to show, then?

  7. I tried to change stuff in k2, and couldn't make it. Not proficient enough with css. I might go on using the technorati tags bookmarklet, it looks better.

  8. judy as I understand it sandbox has not yet been upgraded.

  9. @root,

    thanks :)

  10. I added the Tag Cloud widget... but only tags from the first entry I updated with them are showing. I added tags to additional previous blog entries, but they aren't showing up in the 'cloud'. Any ideas?

  11. Found an answer from judyb12..

    The tag cloud widget takes a little time to update (sidebar info is cached separately from blog content). I just had a bunch of tags suddenly appear in the cloud about 30 minutes after i assigned them to posts.

    THANKS! I will cool my jets!! :P

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