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  1. Could WORDPRESS.COM com liaise with DISQUS.COM so as to make Disqus available as a Widget in WordPress?

    That would be really cool.

  2. +1 for this...

  3. I'll second that. DISQUS would be great.

  4. if they could it will be of course better

  5. I would also like to see this feature.

  6. jgrantmarshall


  7. Would someone care to explain the feature, so as to sell it it the other members of And don't just give me a link; give me a reason why you like it.

  8. From a quick glance at the web site mentioned above it offers:

    * threaded conversations in comments
    * shared profiles between blogs when leaving comments (sorta can do if using posting on, etc.)
    * track other users' comments from your profile pages (basically subscribe to other commenters to see what they have commented on)
    * rate comments

    Features @

    This would basically replace the current WP comment system.

    It looks a bit complicated for the average blogger to me. It would be nice if there was an easy way to switch between the current comment solution and disqus solution without losing any comments. However, I'm not sure that's possible. If anything, it might be nice as a paid upgrade if it could be integrated without messing up the current comments.

  9. Another thumbs ^ for Disqus, if possible. I love the threaded comments.

  10. This feature would be great!

  11. Tell staff: suggest it via your Support button when Support is open (ie not on weekends).

  12. for sure a great idea. There are 10,000 blogs using Disqus now. Of course, it's mostly the tech blogs but it will spread. Unless I download WordPress code and install it in my servers I cannot use Disqus with my current WordPress hosted blog - would love to have it.


  13. we can't have discus at the moment, but it is possible to have cocomment - it fulfils some of the needs.


  14. me too.

  15. I just heard the disqus interview on "Net@Nite" and and I would love to have it available on

  16. Count me in the "People that want it" column.

  17. Ditto that - I'd LOVE to see Disqus included as a supported plugin.

  18. Don't care much about DISQUS, but having threaded comments is what I've been looking for on for a long time!

  19. Definitely in the group of "love to have this as an option!" folks, so count me in too please!

  20. Yes, please make disqus available for WP users!!

  21. To paraphrase a 13-year old AOLer: M3 TO0 BFF WRDPR5S!!1!

  22. Disqus really should be an option.

  23. I'll go a step further and say that my own domain is, for the first time in many years, in danger of actually becoming more useful than my blog:

    This seems like a no-brainer to me... Wouldn't opening up comments to Disqus drive more traffic to

  24. thetruthexists


  25. Throwing my hat in in favor of Disqus (or perhaps an implementation of similar, WP-native functionality). Threaded comments, video comments, FriendFeed integration, +1 spam resistance, unified commenter profiles and histories across the Web: all very good things, for bloggers and for readers alike. The addition of these features would elevate an already top-shelf service to stellar, and make, imho, the last word in hosted blogging.

  26. I agree. wp+disqus would be nice.

  27. I also agree. Disqus is becoming an essential feature. An absolute must have

  28. Add me to the list of members that Disqus. Their version 2.0 works with WordPress self hosted blogs brilliantly. Please bring it to users!

  29. Add me to the list. I want Disqus on too!

  30. It's probably going to be difficult to implement, but if does this I will love them for life.

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