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  1. @krysjez, I'm not sure why you think it would be difficult to implement Disqus here. There is a Disqus plugin for WordPress.
    It can see reasons why Automattic might be reluctant to implement Disqus here. For example, Disqus does its own spam fighting, whereas Automattic use Akismet here.
    Now, would it be difficult for Disqus to allow the use an external spamfighting service? I wonder...

  2. Turns out that Disqus delegates its spam fighting to Akismet:

  3. @sanjidabd

    Your comment refers to something totally different.DISQUS, does way more
    than just keeping track of comments...

    Count me as a yes for for Disque, :)


  4. DISQUS or not but the comments system at WP can certainly use modern day improvements. As far as the blog I'm running is concerned, I have 250 plus comments on the About page, I could certainly use a way to only show the latest and the last few, so people don't have to load the whole page every time. This feature should be commonly available (along with many others like check box to email the replies), but apparently it isn't available here yet.

  5. Using it for my tumblr, it's nice stuff.

    Hopefully it could be made into a plugin or something.

  6. Please add DISQUS capability. Many of us are porting over from other platforms that allow this implementation. Thanks!

  7. I doubt this is going to happen after Automattic, the company behind WordPress, recently acquired Intense Debate.

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