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Distorted image

  1. Hi, I created a signature on I simply used the screen shot feature and saved the image and began placing it at the end of each blog post. It worked well but now all of a sudden the writing has become distorted and lines are going through the image. Why would this be? Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I does not look distorted to me and there are no lines going through it. If you are not running one of the browsers and versions listed at please try upgrading or switching first.
    If you are try clearing your browser’s cache

  3. Thanks for checking! I will try those things you have suggested! Thank you for getting back to me so quick too!

  4. You're welcome. :)

  5. Yes, the image doesn't display correctly, because it's indexed color instead of RGB color. Ideally you should create a different version (I can do that for you, if you cannot), but first try something else: delete the image from the post and re-insert it selecting the full-size option instead of the large option.

  6. Thanks for your reply, the image is already in the full-size option. How do I change it to RGB color?

  7. I'm sorry but I still don't understand how I change it, this only suggest that I change it to full size which is what I have done.

  8. You changed it in some posts only.
    You've turned it to full size (and it shows correctly) on posts such as this:
    But it's still inserted as large instead of full size (and it doesn't show correctly) on posts such as this one:

  9. I deleted and amended the link of the one that you said was incorrect, so hopefully that is better now. So if I always make sure I post it as 'full size' will it show properly? Thank-you for all you're help, I really appreciate it!

  10. Does this answer your question?

    If you want to make sure your colors are as close as possible to the original, upload your images in the same dimensions that you’d like to display them on your blog and insert them at full size with no image dimensions.

  11. I deleted and amended the link of the one that you said was incorrect, so hopefully that is better now.

    No: the image on the post "Current Trend: Polka Dots" is still large instead of full size.
    Copy and upload this version please:

  12. Hi, I have uploaded the version you have sent me to all of the 4 posts which had it, can you check it for me now?


  13. You're welcome.
    It's ok on all four posts (because I corrected its color profile).

  14. Great! Thank you so much again for your help, I really appreciate it!

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