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    Hi, I’ve been displaying images in mosaics and carousels for YEARS without a problem. But a few weeks ago I noticed all the thumbnails were distorted. This is a very recent problem.

    I have made no adjustments to the settings, so have no idea why this should have happened. I have tried several different browsers, and the same distortion shows up on all of them. I have a lot of photos on my blog, and these distorted thumbnails look terrible.

    I can see the image correctly when I click on it, but how do I return to gallery or carousel thumbnails that aren’t distorted? (There are too many for me to adjust each image individually.)

    Here’s one of the pages with the distorted thumbnails. (The image at the top is fine – you have to scroll down to see the distorted images.) https://multiglom.com/2014/05/06/some-celebs-photographs-from-1982-2012/

    The blog I need help with is multiglom.com.



    Sorry I have posted this twice, by the way. There appears to be a technical problem on your forum, as I was getting error messages telling me my post hadn’t worked.

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