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    I always loved the old full screen writing option because it allowed me to see more of my post and actually made editing easier because you could see the big picture. I don’t really like the little box in the middle of the page to write in. If I want to write in a little screen I can do that from the Dashboard posting box. It would be great if we were able to change the size of the editing box so that if we wanted to see more of a post we could.

    Also, maybe I’m just not that easily distracted, but I don’t see how having fewer editing tools in the DFM is helpful. I was posting something last night, my first post with this new mode, and I had to go back to the Dashboard to access one of the editing tools. I don’t remember now which one, but I remember that it was frustrating to have to leave the pseudo-full screen page to access that tool. Given that they are hidden unless you want them anyway, it seems it would be more useful to have all of the editing tools available in this mode.

    So to recap what I would change:
    1. Ability to change editing box size.
    2. All editing tools available.

    Thanks. Linda Kruschke



    I left a message earlier and a support request regarding changes meant my home page did not load…it flashed and then loaded a word processing list of post only not the home page.

    UPDATE: I found by turning on IE 9 “Compatibility Setting” for the Home Page Site it loaded properly…..will I have to do this each time……why the change?.



    To be honest and frank, I really don’t see the point of this new configuration, I felt it actually made things more difficult.

    I realize that full-screen mode was never actually WYSIWYG and that things jumped around alot, but I really miss not having the entire tool bar at the top, especially the “add video” button. (of course I use that a lot)

    Why not have the option of using the old full-screen option or the new one?


    How do you get to the Distraction-Free Writing mode? I don’t know how.



    Distraction-Free Writing mode is just the fullscreen mode, when writing a post



    I have noticed that since the upgrade the statistics graph is no longer visible on Chrome for Mac, my preferred browser. I have to use Safari instead to see it. My browser settings allow all images to be visible and the browser automatically updates so I’m fairly confident that the glitch is on WordPress. I would sure appreciate a fix. Thanks!



    This comment is about a change I have noticed only during the past two weeks or so; and it is not a positive feature in any sense that I can see.
    I am referring to the WSYIWIG editor in WordPress (not in the new full-screen mode, which I have yet to try). Previously, word-wrap worked pretty well. Just lately, however, I find that pasting properly edited text – without formatting – from MS Word (my tool of choice, and that of most users surely) into the WordPress editor gives unexpected line-breaks (or hard-returns, I’m not sure which) in the most unexpected and unhelpful places. This never used to happen. It should be classed as a bug in my view.
    I would expect problems like this if I were pasting text directly from a .pdf file, say, but to encounter such inconvenience when using “paste” for word-processed text from the clipboard is not what users would expect from a carefully designed writing tool. Oddly, this problem also features on text harvested from other sites using “PressThis”; and again, it did not used to encounter this negative feature until only weeks ago.
    All is NOT well with our beloved WordPress editor, and this problem should be given priority attention in my view.


    Writing with only certain tools on the full screen is like an artist trying to paint with half a palette. It is frustrating to have to toggle to the previous page to undo something or look for ANY writing/editing feature, it interrupts flow. The writing/editing tools should ALL be on the full screen so I’m not distracted by having to hunt for what used to be there, right in front of me–it’s not a blinking light, it’s a button–PLEASE HELP.



    It’s not distracting to have tools I use all the time available in full screen mode.

    I’m not sure how I’m going to work with the new set up. I want to be able to use the toolbar but it’s hard to see what I’m doing if I’m not in full screen mode.



    In the Visual Editor and full screen mode, about the first 10 words of my post disappeared. I could see them in HTML mode and they were there when I exited full screen mode.


    I saw the tip in the comments on your article about “Just Write” on how to make the screen wider, which is great, But I still agree with some of the other commenters here that all of the editing tools should be available in Distraction Free / Fullscreen Mode. It is a HUGE distraction to have to go back to the dashboard to indent a paragraph that is a quote, or to insert a video. Please, please, please put back all of the editing tools! Peace, Linda


    Love it. But, for some reason, the ‘alt’ ‘shift’ and ‘d’ key are not producing a strikethrough. I’m forced to go back to the visual editor to do it, and then the colour of the word changes (and I’m not able to fix that, either).



    I’m using The Erudite theme, it’s possible this mode isn’t active there, what do to, what to do? The drama!



    “I tried the distraction-free writing option. The only problem is that the gray bar at the top of the screen covers up the various text options (like bold and italics). Any suggestion?” Santakev

    I have the same problem. I cannot see the buttons even the save button because of the wordpress grey bar.

    Also, I agree with the comment about the white space. I find it not only distracting but actually headache producing to have so much white space around my writing. Can you darken it to grey or widen the textbox maybe?

    BTW…just love wordpress. Thanks for an awesome site.


    Encountered a glitch when going back and forth from the Dashboard editor to Fullscreen mode and back.

    I was writing a post in the Dashboard editor, and was about half done with three pictures inserted and most of a poem, formatted with different colored text, done. I went to the Fullscreen mode to see it bigger and then when I exited fullscreen mode all of my text was dumped into the Caption of my first picture, and my other two pictures were gone. All of my formatting was gone. I had to copy and paste the text and reformat everything. If I just had all of the tools in Fullscreen mode I wouldn’t have to go back and forth.

    Hate to sound like a broken record, but I really do not understand why Fullscreen mode doesn’t offer ALL of the editing tools. Thanks. Linda



    I’ve got the same problem as monav and Santakev:

    Santakev: “I tried the distraction-free writing option. The only problem is that the gray bar at the top of the screen covers up the various text options (like bold and italics). Any suggestion?” Santakev

    monav: “I have the same problem. I cannot see the buttons even the save button because of the wordpress grey bar.”



    Actually, I like the old format better.



    Windows XP Firefox 4.0
    A. A Fresher, Faster Dashboard – Sorry but every page I load takes longer to load than it did before.

    B. Approve and Reply- Thank you for this useful addition.

    Introducing Distraction-free Writing “The other big change — one that we love — is a major upgrade to the full-screen writing experience.” No love from me. I have now experimented with this full screen writing feature in my test blogs and I’m grateful that it’s optional because I will not be using it.

    1. I found the white screen to be glaring and distracting.
    2. I found the lack of the full array of icons to be inconvenient and switching back and forth to be inconvenient.
    3. I found this to be extremely annoying > The formatting header is shown when you first arrive on the screen, to orient you, then fades away so you can focus on your writing. Move your mouse to indicate that you want access to these items and it will magically reappear.
    4. I did not encounter a bug, or any breakage I simply found Distraction-free Writing to be distracting.


    I have no idea how to get all my editing tools/buttons back. The editing buttons have all disappeared, it’s as if I’ve lost the ability to blog or post or create page or edit anything. Please reinstore all the functions and editing buttons above the blogging/edit box. Hate whatever it is you’ve done – if this is “Distraction-free Writing” it feels more like Erased Blogger’s capability!!!



    It’s worse if you want to edit a post with color it or watch it in full screen. it’s not so convenient like before.


    ( Once if You take full screen , it can’t back with normal ! ’cause all the button hide…..)

    I like the old format too!!!

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