div id="whatever" disappears when I save

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    I can’t touch any old posts using my CSS code, and I can’t make any new ones with it, because when I save the post anything like <div id="poem"> is reduced to <div>. It’s probably a coincidence that this problem occurred about a day after I renewed my custom design upgrade. Old posts still show the features — as long as I don’t touch them. I re-saved one after an edit and the divs are messed up.

    The blog I need help with is poetseye.wordpress.com.


    Same issue here. I wasn’t having this issue yesterday. I wonder if there as an update to the editor overnight?


    Thanks for reporting this issue. I’m looking into it to find out what’s happened.


    Should be fixed now, thanks to our completely super awesome happiness team developers who are the best. :)


    Thanks for the reply and to the happiness team for the quick resolution.


    You’re welcome!



    You did, you fixed it! Bless your heart. Thank you.


    I’m just the messenger. The developers fixed it! I’ll bless their hearts and pass along your thanks to them too. :D


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