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  1. After months of updating and figuring trying to figure things out I have come to the conclusion that just does not want to help me out.

    I have emailed support time and time again. My server host AT&T has done everything it can but the issue is simply through wordpress.

    If you look at my mx records you can see that they are not updating to what they are supposed to. Which is

    If someone anyone can please help I will be extremely grateful and if this is something serious which needs to be handled I am ready to compensate or send you a starbucks gift...... please!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You were given some help 4 months ago, you never responded to the help, so we figure that the help really did help you. Just ranting about something being broken for four months is no help. Usually IP numbers have more into than just a number. So you are not even giving anyone a chance to help you.

    We need a bit more information to help you

    one of these links might help

  3. Nice link @TT - looks like it was just published today - thanks

  4. I have done all of the above. I learned my way around the mx records I can send emails but can't receive them. Here is where I updated the IP addresses to what they should be they just won't seem to update.

    Please let me know what info it is that you need to help me sort this out.



  5. Where are you changing the MX records?

    You should be changing the MX records here, when the name servers point to WordPress.COM any other records will not be updated at your registrar since the name servers send all traffic here, including your email

  6. I am updating them in the box which I uploaded the image of.

    In store > domains > edit dns

    I created a username for the AT&T tech support team so that they may update it correctly for me. But there still seems to be an issue.

    I think the real issue is that the records are not physically updating even though I am changing them. Unless I am changing them incorrectly?

  7. Hi there,

    When creating A records, the second part of the record is the subdomain only, rather than the full address. For example, the format for the domain would be "A mail" instead of "A".

    I went ahead and updated your domain's A records to match that format. It may take a few hours for your email to begin working.

    If your doesn't begin working properly, please contact AT&T and ask them for the full and exact MX and other DNS records you need to enter on this end. You can paste them in a reply here, and I'd be happy to help you format them.

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