DNS error and email settings

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    I am trying to direct my domain (www.peopleandresults.com.br), registered at registro.br, to the wordpress dns. When I try to do it, it doesn’t work. An error comes out of Registro.br. I think I probably need some sort of authorization from WordPress to do so.

    Also, I currently use the service of locaweb.com.br, which provides me my current DNS and also email service.

    What should I do when linking the wordpress DNS to my website in order to keep my emails at locaweb? Locaweb instructed me to change the MX at WordPress and gave me the following options:


    Where should I insert this in the wordpress website?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    The blog I need help with is peopleandresults.wordpress.com.



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    The staff will have to set up your zone mapping, but when that is done you can set the MX records in your dashboard under Settings->Domains->Edit DNS



    I have manually added a zone record for your domain.

    You should now be able to map it here following this guide: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/map-existing-domain/


    Hi. Now it worked the DNS but the email did not.

    I added the following in my dns:

    MX 10 mx.a.locaweb.com.br.
    MX 10 mx.b.locaweb.com.br.
    MX 10 mx.jk.locaweb.com.br.

    but my email stopped working and I cannot access the page I used to use my email: webmail.peopleandresults.com.br.

    What should I do? Did I do something wrong? Should I do anything at locaweb (my email provider) as well?

    Furthermore, my website always shows as peopleandresults.com.br without the www. in front. Can I change this?

    Thanks again for the reply.



    You might want to double-check the MX records with your email provider, but it can sometimes take a few hours for DNS changes like that to propagate to the various ISPs.


    i will. Regarding the website name, can I use as http://www.peopleandresults.com.br instead of peopleandresults.com.br?




    We actually strip out the www. for convenience, and http://www.peopleandresults.com.br/ will redirect to http://peopleandresults.com.br/

    www is an old protocol from back when everything was under a separate server. www (www.example.com) was the web server, mail (mail.example.com) was the mail server, ftp (ftp.example.com) was the FTP server, print (print.example.com) was the print server, etc.

    These days, everything is run under the web server, making www. redundant and a waste of four characters.



    but my email stopped working and I cannot access the page I used to use my email: webmail.peopleandresults.com.br.

    For that to work you will need to add a CNAME record to map this back to your ISPs webmail page. It will be something like

    CNAME webmail your.isps.webmail.server.com.

    You will have to get the exact line from your ISP

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