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DNS invalid

  1. colourmefitness

    Hi, earlier today I got the $99 package. I went to start building a website but first registering my domain name through WordPress. I thought great, it's working, then I discovered that I cannot complete the third step as the DNS is required for my choice of primary web address. I do not have a domain administration tab available and the DNS examples are invalid. Please help me as I would like to start building my website as soon as possible. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can start building your web site now

    However can't be registered with WordPress.COM - you will need to register the domain name with another registrar then map it to your blog here

    I added a zone record for so once you register the domain name you can map it using the instructions below

  3. colourmefitness

    Hi, thanks for your email. I'm very new to this. So I need to register my domain first? Do you know where I register my domain - I thought that was all part of the package that got through wordpress.

  4. Registration is included in some packages - but WordPress.COM can't domains

    some friends use Name cheap - don't know if they do -

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