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DNS Mapping (currently it forwarding instead)

  1. I've followed all the instructions (changing CNAME etc) to map my wordpress blog to a subdomain,, but it is now forwarding the url instead of mapping it. Any help? What am I doing wrong?


  2. What are the URL's so we can see what exactly you are trying to do?


  3. wordpress url: Mapping to Thanks!

  4. Or, I should say is suppose to mapping to but instead is forwarding the url.

  5. Did you add the subdomain you want in your "domain" portion of your admin? If so, then click the "put blog here" beside the instead of

    That should fix it since right now it is reversed!


  6. Yeah, I had try to do that before... I don't know why is wasn't working but it is working now! Thanks. The only other strange thing is the is now showing the default server screen for my webhost but that doesn't matter to me too much.

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