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DNS Option Not Showing up

  1. cristinabentley

    Hi, I am trying to get to the DNS option under domains by following instructions but it's not showing up at all. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Specifically, please state exactly what you wish to accomplish.

    Custom DNS records are only available if you already added a custom domain to your blog.

  3. cristinabentley

    Thank you! My end goal is to verify our domain with Google News:

    Should I create a custom domain? If so, I don't want any of my current wordpress settings to change, nor do I want anything to re-route though.

  4. I will type modlook into the sidebar tags on this thread for a Staff follow-up. How do I get a Moderator/Staff reply for my question? Also subscribe to this thread so you are notified when they respond and be patient while waiting. To subscribe look in the sidebar of this thread, find the subscribe to topics link and click it.

  5. cristinabentley

    Ok thanks!

  6. You're welcome.

  7. Good Morning -

    You will need a custom domain to edit the DNS as shown in that tutorial.

    Custom domains are included in our plan upgrades which are renewed annually. Check out to see which option is best for you. You can add the plan to your account right form that page.

    Next, register your domain by going to My Sites > Domains > Add New

    Without a custom domain you'd need to click on the "use these instructions to verify your domain name using a meta tag" instructions linked in the first paragraph of

    Let me know if you have any questions about this.

  8. You can see that the Google News dashboard here:

  9. cristinabentley

    Thank you!! Yes I tried to go the other route as well which is using the meta tag but I'm not sure what I am doing. Any chance you are able to point me in the right direction with this? Or should I contact google? Thanks again so much!!

  10. cristinabentley

    How to add the meta tag to my site's home page.

  11. We cannot add anything to the <header> area. There is no metadata access.

    If you choose to remain having your site hosted here please read on.

    re: search engine discoverability

    It can take weeks for search engines to index your site content. Please read this support doc so you know we have no control over search engines positioning or appearance in the SERPs (search engine page results).

    To verify blog ownership of a hosted blog with the major search engines you must use this process >
    Note: Even if you do not verify the blog the content will be indexed by search engines so don't feel panicky about this please. automatically supplies sitemaps for our blogs to search engines - we do nothing.

    To gain search engine attention, I recommend that you start publishing posts (not pages) frequently. That's because it can take weeks for search engines to index content in a new blog and/or to re-index content under a new URL.

    WordPress.COM SEO resources that you may want to consult are:

  12. cristinabentley

    Thanks so much! It worked! Now just waiting for Google to get back to me.

  13. Post back here if you run into further trouble. I'll leave the thread open for now.

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