DNS pointing to wordpress but still not working

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    What am i doing wrong? This is so frustrating. Do i delete everthing else apart from ns1,2 and 3 from my domain name website.

    Do i need to enter mx records? What are they.

    Do i need every record i have on names.co.uk in the box that pops up on the domain mapping page?

    i bought lifeincmyk.co.uk.

    what do i need to do with mail exchange records? what are they

    i have an imap and pop3 in my records alongside the ns1,2 and 3 records, is this a problem? what are they?

    i have no idea what im doing help.

    The blog I need help with is lifeincmykblog.wordpress.com.



    For starters, are you using these instructions for the domain mapping?


    There are several ways to add custom email, some are no cost some cost, see below for some options in addition to having your email hosted with your domain name registration.

    To help you with the email, we first need to know how you want to host the email. If you read some of the help documents, the examples are one size fits all and usually all the example records are not required. But the information to make the email work needs to come from your email host.



    Also you have ask questions about domain mapping in more than one thread, that confuses the help here and makes it harder to help you

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