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DNS records!

  1. I am having a hard time getting the my domain name at Tucows to point to WordPress. Any one out there that can help. The old website was with Intuit, but I own the domain name.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The only thing intuit provides every time I request help with this is a code! The said becaise I cancelled my account with them I dont have acces to the site anymore!
    So I went directly to Tucows to change it directly to this:
    It sends me to this:
    But cant access to it because a user name and password!
    I dont know what else to do!

  3. Sad to say that you will need to do battle with the ones that you are having trouble with

    Tucows is a domain registrar - they handle registration for many different hosting companies (my domain name is registered with Tucows) - but I pay the money to my old host who in turn sends the money on to Tucows for me - when I moved here from a self hosted site I had to work with my old host / registrar to get the log-in credentials to log into Tucows to change the name servers -

    The company that registered your domain name originally (assuming you did not transfer it) should be able to give you the credentials for you to log into Tucows and make the changes needed -

    Tucows should be able to give you the info on who the registrar is for you - it is probably your old host from what you said above - remind your old host / registrar that you don't want into your old web site, cPanel etc - but into the domain management section which if my memory is correct will be at Tucows.

    I will also flag this for the staff to help - they have access to some tools and such that I don't have

    Good luck

    PS - once you change the name servers you might want to consider transferring the domain name to a registrar that is easier to work with

  4. Thank you so much for this do I flag this to the staff?
    Honestly don't know who else to ask, its not fare!

  5. Looks like your domain is not pointing to name servers yet. Please go to your domain registrar's site (Tucows) and log into the control panel. You will need to update the name servers as below:


    Otherwise contact Tucows helpdesk/support to help you set these nameserver records.

  6. I contacted tucows via email with no luck! Its been since December and still not able to fix this!, is there a way you as a company (wordpress) can work with them or something, don't know what else to do! Thank you so much for your support!

  7. On what site did you register the domain name? Was it perhaps or ?

    You can find the contact information for Opensrs at

    and support for at

  8. It was thru Intuit. I purchased the domain name, a website and was with them sin 2009! Decided to change to WordPress on December 2012 and canceled the account with them to switch to wordpress and still struggling! The sad thing is that everytime I purchased something from them, they ware always available and ready to help! But now with this its been bad!

  9. Ive also tryed the link you suggested! But because I cancelled my acoutn with them, My login and pass word dont work anymore, therefore a I can log on to their support forums, only thru phone and they keep sending a code but that is it. I don't k ow where that code goes.

  10. What 'code' are you referring to?

    I've checked the WHOIS records of your domain and it says it's still registered at 'Intuit Websites'. You can call them at 1-800-428-3170. They should be able to see the WHOIS records and see that the domain is still registered with them.

  11. D
    [email redacted]
    to me
    Feb 26Details
    Please do not reply to this email, it was sent from an unattended mailbox. Additional information is listed below:

    The auth-code for is: [code removed]

    The Intuit Websites Team

    Need help?: Get help from our 24-hour online Help Center. Sign in to your account and click Help in the upper right of the window.

  12. If they give you the auth-code it means that the domain is still registered with them. Currently it's not possible to completely transfer a domain to because we don't take incoming domain transfers.

    The only solution is to map the domain by changing the nameservers records to us. Your domain registrar can change these nameserver records for you.

  13. Please help me do that!
    Name Server records to you and also add the email as well.
    How do I do this and how much would it cost?
    You've been so helpful! Thank you soo much!

  14. You could also change registrars to one that is easier to deal with. Many out there, some people use Name cheap - I have one domain there also did not do anything fancy (no email hosting, however I think they do that, my email is hosted with my old host and current ISP that is a small local company) - when I got ready to move the site mapped to my name now - the stakes were high enough that I bought a second name and mapped it and got the email working before moving my main site)

  15. Can wordpress support me on this?

  16. Hi Ana,

    The domain isn't registered with us so we can't change the nameservers for you, this is something the domain registrar has to do for you.

  17. I called intuit was on hold for 30 min then the call was cut off, I called again, was on hold for another 20 min cut off again.
    I called tucows and this was their response:
    Below is an update for your inquiry: [Inquiry=129634] Re: : Can't access the site to change the DNS. (domainproviderunavailable)

    Entered on 03/25/2013 at 19:17:04 GMT (GMT+0000) by Paul Karkas:
    To transfer your domain to another reseller, you'll have to contact a new reseller and set up an account with them and
    then ask them to initiate a transfer.

    I need to transfer the domain to wordpress, PLEASE HELP!
    Thank you!

  18. Hi Ana,

    As mentioned before:

    Currently it's not possible to completely transfer a domain to because we don't take incoming domain transfers.

    Therefore it's only possible to change the domain's nameservers and point these to us. This way the domain is mapped to your blog, but stays registered at your current domain registrar.

    To do so, go to Store > Domains on your blog's dashboard and follow the steps there.

  19. I was finally able to change the DNS records! It took me almost 1/2 a day of calling and emailing but It finally happened! Thank you so much for your help!
    Have a great night! Everyone!

  20. Good job! I took a look and everything is working properly.


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