DNS Records for our domain is hosted elsewhere

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    Hi everyone,

    Would need help to configure our domain that is already mapped in wordpress.com site, but however our DNS records are already hosted elsewhere, i.e. the provider we bought the domain name.

    So record type NS for our domain name is at the provider’s server, together with record http://www.ourwebsite.com.

    As a result, when we enter the website address, it is a blank page, and it does not go to the mapped site in wordpress.com

    Please advise what should we do.

    Thank you for all help.


    The blog I need help with is firstfruitsbyripples.com.



    Hi Daryl,
    DNS changes can take up to 72 hours to fully spread around the world. Is firstfruitsbyripples.com the website? It’s showing up for me now.

    If you’re not seeing the site yet, you can try flushing your computer’s DNS cache. Your computer will eventually update on its own so that step is optional.


    Thank you.

    I did not change the nameservers to wordpress’ servers at our domain provider’s mgt site.

    Yes after the change, the website is working now.



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