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DNS Registration

  1. Please, I’d like a domain mapping from “” to “”.
    I need a zone record for this domain, because I am getting an error in DNS registration.
    Blog url:

  2. I have added a zone record for you - you can use the instructions below to map your domain to your blog

  3. You are posting on the English forum. People who don't speak Portuguese don't know that "meu site" is not your real domain name (as it means "my site"). I think auxclass (hello!) added a zone record litterally for ""...

    So either add the zone record yourself by typing your actual domain name here:
    ...or repeat your request, but this time, give your REAL domain name.

  4. I think auxclass (hello!) added a zone record litterally for ""...

    Of course that is what I did -

    Hello @airodyssey - well I did try - in my short visit to Portugal I did not learn much other than how to ask where the internet cafe was - but English was spoken enough they took pity on me and were quite helpful - nice country and people

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