DNS settings, email query, please help!

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    I REALLY need help with this. I am REALLY struggling.

    I have an email address: (email redacted) which is with 1and1. This is where the .co.uk domain was purchased. I just did a simple domain transfer so that my wordpress site has this domain name.

    But the email address doesn’t work. I know this is because the DNS settings are not set to default with 1and1. If I make them default will I lose my wordpress site on this domain???

    I know this is confusing, sorry. Please help


    The blog I need help with is gd-designerstylehire.co.uk.



    Hey there,

    You’ll need to to map your domain to WordPress.com, as you have, then setup email for your domain. You’ll need to ask 1&1 for the information necessary to setup email.




    thanks for this, I have tried to do this before but 1and1 just always point me in the direction of the DNS settings and don’t answer me properly (with the CNAME etc that wordpress needs…) Can you help me with what I specifically need to ask for from them?? Or is there another way I can find it out?

    Thanks SO much



    1and1 have told me to do this:

    All you need to do so that your email will work again is to reset the MX records back to 1&1.
    You need to contact WordPress (where your site is hosted) and please ask them to edit the MX records of your domain name.
    These are the MX records that needs to be put in to your domain:
    mx00.1and1.co.uk (10)
    mx01.1and1.co.uk (10)

    And after 24-48 hours, your emails should be working again.

    IS THIS RIGHT??? how do I do it???? I have been trying to work this out for so long!!

    Do I reset the DNS back to 1and 1 and then enter what they have told me into the ‘add email’ section in wordpress????



    ok don’t worry I think it’s sorted…

    I added the MX records into the ‘add email’ section of wordpress where it asks you to enter you custom DNS.

    I kept the 1and1 DNS as wordpress: ns1.wordpress.com etc.

    I hope this helps anyone in the same situation.


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