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    Hello people.
    Please I need your help as I have a problem with my blog.
    Few days ago I renewed my domain mapping (if I am right) and now I see the option at Store->My Upgrades that DNS needs to be updated.
    The problem here is that I don’t remember where I have register my domain name, maybe I did it here in wordpress and not at an external registrar so I don’t know where to update the name servers (if this is the case).
    Please let me know any ideas to solve this.
    Many thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is plasticpicture.com.



    A whois shows that your registrar should be: http://www.enom.com/


    Mate this is a mess.
    I dont remember to be this the registrar and if this is correct I don’t have the password and the username to get online to do the job.
    Any other idea how I can fix this?



    All registrars have some sort of lost password or customer service people that can help you – I am positive you are not the first one to loose track of a registrar – contact the registrar and look on their site for help – has to be there – it looks like the domain name was updated this month by someone named Georgios – – but check with the registrar – it looks like the domain name might be parked


    Yes this is me, Georgios but I never logged in at enom site to do any changes. The only thing I did was via WordPress. Anyway many thanks for your valuable help auxclass, I will check with them.



    You be welcome

    It looks like your renewal date was Feb 1, did you remember to renew the domain name?

    If not standard procedure at many registrars is to pull the name servers back to a parked site – that usually gets the domain name owner’s attention

    Good luck


    Look the think I did was to pay 12 dollars for the plasticpicture.com renewal. I thought that this would be enough for my site to roll but unfortunately this is not the case so I need to update my DNS, as per WP dashboard guidance.
    I am the owner of plasticpicture.com since day one, but this renewal thing is really a pain in the ass.
    I checked via enom site and I found that i did the domain register in dnhost.gr, this is local registrar so I’ll call them first thing tomorrow.


    The thing is that I am not sure if the 12 dollars was for domain name renewal or for the mapping thing, in case this is something different.


    Ok I renewed my domain name with my registrar but my blog is still down. Didn’t change the name servers as they are correct.
    Everything looks in order but the domain mapping looks that is not working at the moment.
    Any ideas?


    ok it works fine, finally.

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