Do any themes support "blank" pages ?

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    Hi Folks,

    Using [ gigya src = “URL” ] I am able to “implent” an adobe flex (swf) file into a page. This is great.

    What I need now is to find a theme that supports a notion of a totally empty page that is without any bars and menus. This way my SWF could take over all of the visual space on such a page / browser tab. My SWF is in fact an application with its own menus and navigation.

    Have you ever seen such a notion of an undecorated or blank page, within any of the available themes?


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Every single theme includes at the very least a header/site title as well as the footer (“Blog at – Theme: __ by __”).


    Actually, I would not mind the footer being there, even though it would require scrolling down to it to see it. But I can not believe that none of the themes anticipated that something else (like a swf app) might need to take over the space. An what would be wrong if such pieces could be turned on and off within a page config?

    P.S. Can anything be done with CSS to manipulate such headers into non existence ?

    OK Thanks.



    I use Coraline, and you can specify a full-page template for individual pages, with only the header & footer (which I do have widgets in), but no sidebars. There are other themes that offer this feature, as well. You can look through the themes & filter to find others that do the same.


    You can create a completely blank page covering the whole of the browser window, with your flash on it, this way:

    <div style="position:fixed;top:0;left:0;height:100%;width:100%;background-color:#fff;z-index:11;">
    <div style="position:fixed;z-index:12;">

    You’ll need to add coordinates for the inner div.


    PS I’m a Mac user, so I can’t check if this will work in lousy Explorer.


    Wow, that would be cool. Except, is that not HTML and how and where do I make that entry within any theme or template ?


    I’ll just respond to a previous statement. WordPress does not have “blank” pages for you to put flash and other things on because they do not officially allow flash. The gigya short code solution is sort of a stealthy gift, or a happy accident if you wish to think of it that way.


    Does “happy accident” mean that WP could yank it if/when any side effect gets discovered?


    I don’t think they will yank it. The reason that flash is not directly allowed is for security reasons. This is a multi-user platform and we all share the same underlying files so that means any security issue introduced by one blogger could bring everyone down. The gigya shortcode insulates the platform from the flash code so that it cannot wreak havoc.


    Any ideas on the above <div> changes, as my understanding? is that we can not modify html pages in our themes – just the css ?


    You have to enter that into the HTML tab on a page that you created. I’ve not tried it, but I’m virtually certain that is what you would do.



    I’m bookmarking this.

    I tried it, and it worked — well, I didn’t put any shortcode in, but the resulting page was blank. My usual header appeared very briefly, then disappeared once the html in the page kicked in.

    I haven’t tried it in IE. I don’t think I could stand the pain! lol!



    Be aware that if you or a visitor is logged in to, the gray admin bar will still be there and should be accounted for in any spacing.

    BTW, does this violate anything because it removes the default footer — with the theme, etc.? My thought is that since it’s just the one page with the code, it wouldn’t, since the rest of the site remains intact that way and it’s not being removed merely for the purpose of obscuring the info, but I wondered.



    Why don’t you simply as Staff?


    @mmadfan, I would assume if the footer goes away, and staff would find out, then they would probably tell you to put it back in. I don’t know if that is something that can be done within the code inserted into the page or not.

    As far as the gigya solution since it is not an “official” thing (happy accident) then there is always the possibility that it could go away. I think it survival here depends on use and abuse. If people start abusing it, then yes, it could go away.



    Thanks, tsp! I was just curious — it occurred to me when I looked at the amazing blank page. I don’t think I’ll ever need a completely blank page, but I occasionally suffer from potentially terminal curiosity! LOL!


    >> You’ll need to add coordinates for the inner div.

    With regard to those nested DIVs above, how do I do that ?

    I get a blank page but the SWF is nowhere to be seen, not even with the right mouse click.



    I clicked your username link and got a white page with this in the upper left corner
    [ gigya src = "" ]


    a) You’ve written this:
    [ gigya src = "etc etc" ]
    instead of this:
    [gigya src="etc etc" ]

    b) The src URL needs to be the URL of the swf.player, not the URL you’ve used.

    c) The shortcode needs additional attributes and values.

    d) You’ve put my code in your one and only post, so your front page becomes blank (or becomes your flash, if you get b and c right): you can’t do that – that’s not a blog anymore. If you manage to come up with the right shortcode, you need to create a page in Pages > Add New and put it there.

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