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Do bloggers ever sleep?

  1. Is there a good time to release a posting? I mean by this, if you finish writing at 2:00 a.m. should you wait to release it during the 'normal' daytime hours? Or do all bloggers stay up way too late writing and reading other blogs, so it really doesn't matter about the timing.

    I've also noticed that if I release a posting on Friday night that I get much fewer views than during the week. Do bloggers take the weekend off?

  2. What is this "Sleep" of which you speak?

    And weekends are always dead in the blogosphere, except for Sunday when everyone surfs for porn. No, it's true. Look at your search engine referrals on Sunday compared to the rest of the week.

    Yesterday I went to bed at 10am and slept till 5pm.

  3. Sleep???

    Blogging is global. I've got friends who read my blogs all over the world. Somewhere, someone is sleeping. I post when I've finished writing, unless I'm doing a scheduled post. Then I pick a random time on the day I want it to publish.

  4. sleep? no, we lurk... in a caffeine-induced glassy-eyed, semiconcious state.. kind of like zombies, really.

  5. I sleep at 4 AM and wake up 3 PM

  6. Very funny. I can relate, do you make a living on a schedule like this?

    Regarding search engine referrals, I don't think anyone has stumbled into my Global Cat blog looking for porn, any day of the week.

  7. Amazingly, porn is one of the top search terms on my blog.
    I'm not sure what they expect to find!!

    Hot Insect Action?

  8. oo those sexy bugs, what was that one about breeding pubic lice?
    do we sleep? zzzzzzzzzz click send zzzzzzzzzz

  9. One of the highest search terms on my blog is 'Hot Amish Girls'. I fear it must be a profound disappointment to many people.

  10. Same here with my post for spicy chicken thighs, which I named Hot Thighs without thinking...

  11. work is overrated.

  12. No............ no fixed time.. i m used to post whenever finishes a post..

  13. New to this, so I post when ever it strikes me...even from work! ;) Shhhh

  14. It's a 24/7 world, RSS readers never sleep, and if you post it, they will come. (^-^)

  15. I'm #3 on Google for "Beaver Shots" and let me tell you, that took work!

    BTW I blog for a living, so my hours don't matter.

  16. My blog is just doggerel - silly poems - and recently I've had a number of dropins searching for "dogging" + various place names....other searches which apparently led to me were so bizarre and obscene that they must have been typed one-handed....

  17. pornstarbabylon

    Fewer people on weekends because they're not at their work computers.

  18. I sleep. 5 hours. From 1am to 6am GMT+7.

  19. Sleep? Do we??? I can't even remember the last time I had a good sleep --thanx WP!

  20. I work from around 5.30am until gone 10pm in summer, somewhat less in winter. I tend to blog when having a cuppa or lunch. As for sleep, I think I last had one somewhere around 1988...

  21. Me, I stay up all night on

  22. The best time to sleep while blogging is on the jo- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  23. Sleep? Here, again, is another case of a new blogger neglecting to read in full the "Terms of Service", or "TOS". Apparently, you didn't realize when you signed up for a WordPress blog that you would forfeit all sleeping rights. Sleeping is not allowed on WordPress . com. (Kind of like adsense ads). We are bound to stay awake, all the time, therefore to be available for incoming (comments; others' posts; spam). Do read page 43, column 2, item X27-3 in the TOS for more on this.
    Hooey! I'm off for my nap. :-)

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